Public Justice

Our Mission

Public Justice takes on the biggest systemic threats to justice of our time: abusive corporate power and predatory practices, the assault on civil rights and liberties, and the destruction of the earth’s sustainability. We connect high-impact litigation with strategic communications and the strength of our partnerships to fight these abusive and discriminatory systems and win social and economic justice.

What We Do

As dedicated public interest advocates, we know that injustice is America’s enemy, holding us all back and preventing our country from working the way it was meant to work.

That’s why Public Justice partners with like-minded allies, organizations, and advocates around the country to fight injustice. Together, we’ve made a long line of wrongdoers account for the injustices inflicted on people: deceptive pharmaceutical companies, irresponsible manufacturers, unscrupulous payday lenders, unjust employers, punitive credit card companies, discriminatory school systems, inhumane government detention centers, dangerous food producers, reckless polluters, and more.

Each of our battles is inspired by a pledge to further equity and equality, end systemic oppression, and protect and expand access to justice for all. Armed with insightful, nuanced knowledge of federal and state laws and savvy communications and organizing strategies, our team fights to protect the environment, solidify and enhance civil rights and ensure every individual can exercise their right to have their day in court.

We launched this fight 40 years ago. And we won’t stop now.

Consumers' Rights
Workers' Rights
Debtors' Prison Project
Students' Civil Rights Project
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