Practice Area: Students' Civil Rights Project

Doe v. University of the Sciences

This appeal arose out of a male student’s Title IX claim that the University of the Sciences had unfairly disciplined him for sexually assaulting classmates. John Doe claimed that the University’s investigatory procedures violated state law and that the University was motivated by anti-male bias….

Brown v. State of Arizona

This is an appeal concerning the scope of schools’ responsibilities to address gender violence that occurs between students off campus. Mackenzie Brown, a student at the University of Arizona, was viciously abused by her classmate Orlando Bradford, a football player. The violence was preventable: By…

Doe v. Crestwood School District

This was an administrative complaint brought by a parent of Child Doe, a gender non-conforming student. Child Doe, an elementary school student in Crestwood School District, was subjected to unremedied harassment and discriminatory discipline on the basis of their gender identity and expression. Child Doe’s…

Hecox v. Little

Public Justice joined an amici brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit in support of the plaintiff-appellees, two student-athletes who are challenging an Idaho law that bans transgender women and girls from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. The…

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