Practice Area: Court Secrecy

  • The Truth Hertz?

    By Craig Briskin, Richard Zitrin Anti-Secrecy Senior Attorney Judges sometimes make the news when they unseal court documents revealing that corporations are harming the public. Such cases are usually tort actions, involving products like Oxycontin, cigarettes, Roundup, and Remington rifles.  But recent allegations in the Hertz bankruptcy…

Unsealed Remington Documents Posted by Public Justice Show Defective Triggers in Millions of Rifles Could Fire on Their Own

Public Justice has made over 133,000 previously-sealed Remington documents available to the public on a new website, www.remingtondocuments.com. The documents show the company knew for decades the trigger in the Remington Model 700—the most popular bolt-action rifle in America—and a dozen other Remington models could fire when no one pulled it.

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