2018-2019 Committee Assignment Member Survey

Public Justice members have the opportunity to request to serve on Public Justice committees, which help guide our organization’s litigation, advocacy, fundraising, and operations. Please join us in improving all aspects of our organization by signing up to be on a committee!

Information about particular Public Justice committees is below. To indicate your interest in serving on one or more committees through summer 2019, please fill out this form by close of business on Friday, August 10, 2018. You may also indicate your preferences in an email to Tommy Wrenn in our Development Department at twrenn@publicjustice.net.

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  • Audit Committee
    Oversees the retention and work of our outside auditors in compliance with applicable California law. (Open to Board members only.)
  • Board Development & Nominating Committee
    Develops leaders for the organization and nominates candidates for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Officer positions. (Open to Board members only.)
  • Case Development/Special Projects Committee
    Helps investigate ideas for, and increase membership involvement in, case development, litigation, and special projects.
  • Case Evaluation Committee
    Reviews all proposed cases before filing, decides major strategic issues related to the direction of ongoing litigation when needed, and decides Trial Lawyer of the Year Award finalists and winners. (Open to Board members only.)
  • Class Action Preservation Project Committee
    Helps the Class Action Preservation Project achieve its litigation, public education, and development goals. (Requires a minimum $10,000 annual donation.)
  • Communications & Marketing Committee
    Helps develop and implement the communications and marketing plan for Public Justice and the Public Justice Foundation.
  • Development Committee
    Works to ensure that the Board and other members are engaged in fund development activities and assists staff in securing contributions and/or membership dues from members and other supporters who give $5,000 or more annually.
  • Investment Committee
    Oversees our investments.
  • Membership, Outreach & Diversity Committee
    Seeks to increase membership in all categories up to and including the Advocate level, with special emphasis on increasing racial, ethnic and gender diversity; oversees and facilitates outreach to lawyers, lawyers' organizations, law schools and public interest groups.