Environmental Enforcement Project

The Environmental Enforcement Project at Public Justice: 

Fighting Climate Change, Securing Environmental Justice, and Making Polluters Pay.

At the Environmental Enforcement Project, we go to court every day to fight climate change, secure environmental justice, and make polluters pay.

We utilize the most powerful tools available to citizens by enforcing our nation’s environmental laws in state and federal court. Our experienced litigators win precedent-setting cases that result in meaningful, transformative change.

We hold polluters to account by requiring corporations to pay millions of dollars to fund projects that clean our land, air, and water.

You can help. You have the power to stop polluters. Contact us today to confidentially and anonymously make a pollution report. We take your privacy seriously at Public Justice. If you are a whistleblower, please use this form to ensure your report is treated with the highest degree of care and confidentiality. You can also make a donation to Public Justice to allow us to enhance and expand our work. Every step and every dollar matters.

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Our Work:

Our Team

Learn more about the Environmental Enforcement Project team of attorneys:

Jim Hecker
Director, Environmental Enforcement Project

Dan Snyder
Senior Attorney, Environmental Enforcement Project

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