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    • jennie-lee-anderson profile image
    • Jennie Lee Anderson
      California homeowners who were deceptively lured into buying home loans with higher interest rates than originally promised will be repaid, due to the hard work of Andrus Anderson Attorney Jennie Lee Anderson. Jennie was co-lead counsel in the class action, which resulted in a $100 million dollar se
    • tim-bailey profile image
    • Tim Bailey
      Though Tim Bailey comes from generations of coal miners, he didn’t go to law school thinking he’d spend his career fighting for miners who’ve been harmed on the job. While working for a defense firm early in his career, Bailey was asked to do leg work on a wrongful death case involving an alum
    • michael-barasch profile image
    • Michael Barasch
      A series of defining and unexpected moments have taken Michael Barasch from being a reluctant law student to being one of America’s chief advocates for 9/11 first responders and others harmed by toxic dust in lower Manhattan in 2001. Barasch describes himself as the “worst student in the hist
    • timothy-blood profile image
    • Timothy Blood
      What keeps Timothy Blood inspired is simple: his career allows him to make others’ lives better. Without hesitation, when asked what he hopes to say he’s been able to accomplish as the end of his career as a successful trial lawyer, Tim says, “I hope I can look back and say that I helped to ma
    • raymond-p-boucher-2 profile image
    • Raymond P. Boucher
      Ray Boucher is a litigator with an unrelenting and unusual global focus. His first attraction to his profession came as a child, when he read in his hometown newspaper about how many of the people who worked to avert catastrophe in the Cuban Missile Crisis were lawyers. He became a trial lawyer, he
    • mitchell-breit profile image
    • Mitchell Breit
      Mitchell Breit, a New York City litigator with a specialty in product defect and pharmaceutical mass torts, and groundwater contamination class actions, comes by his practice honestly. Not only does he have family, including two brothers, who work as trial lawyers, he has also seen things from the o
    • roxanne-conlin profile image
    • Roxanne Conlin
      Roxanne Conlin leads a law firm in Des Moines, Iowa, where she advocates for people who have been wronged by harmful industries. She began her career at a time when female lawyers were almost unheard of. She is a trailblazer, and we are fortunate to be working with her on a case that combines the Fo
    • jayne-conroy profile image
    • Jayne Conroy
      Jayne Conroy’s original plan wasn’t to become a lawyer: it was to become a doctor. While applying to medical schools after graduating with a degree in biology from Dartmouth College, Jayne was offered a position as a paralegal. Through this experience, and specifically working on DES (synthetic
    • linda-correia profile image
    • Linda Correia
      In Linda Correia’s first ever trial, she represented a woman who had been fired due to sex discrimination, and was struck by watching her client in the moment the jury announced the verdict. “She had been tough as nails and stoic throughout, but had suffered a deep-seated loss to her dignity
    • lynn-drysdale profile image
    • Lynn Drysdale
      Lynn Drysdale has long been an ally to those who have been abused by unjust lending practices that set borrowers up for failure. Although she primarily represents low-income people, Drysdale has a special interest in veteran families and has testified on their behalf both in court and in front of
    • simona-a-farrise profile image
    • Simona A. Farrise
      A 70-year-old pump mechanic who developed mesothelioma as a result of his work handling gaskets and other products that contained asbestos has finally obtained justice, thanks to Los Angeles attorney Simona Farrise and her legal team. Richard Keeney worked for 15 years at a sugar refinery plant i
    • brenda-s-fulmer profile image
    • Brenda S. Fulmer
      Brenda Fulmer has successfully battled some of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the country, but what she’s most proud of is how her work helps real people. She cites her involvement in the Fen-Phen and Vioxx litigation as being some of her most rewarding cases, as they played a huge rol
    • illinois-trial-lawyers-association-itla profile image
    • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)
      Martin Harnett was severely disabled at birth due to medical negligence and lived his short life as a quadriplegic. Thanks to the settlement awarded through the Harnett’s medical malpractice lawsuit, the family was able to buy a home that was fully accessible for Martin, providing him some comfort
    • abbas-kazerounian profile image
    • Abbas Kazerounian
      After graduating from law school, Abbas Kazerounian had $200 and a flip phone. Working out of a coffee shop, he took what he had and started what is now one of Southern California’s preeminent consumers’ rights law firms. Few people better typify the term “jack of all trades” than Kazerou
    • adam-klein profile image
    • Adam Klein
      Adam Klein sees the cases he and his firm Outten & Golden take - class actions on behalf of misclassified low-wage workers, African-American and Latino job applicants, and other people harmed in the workplace - as a way to bring about important social change. “When I was bringing individual
    • stanley-j-marks-2 profile image
    • Stanley J. Marks
      Stan Marks is a big believer that action through the civil justice system echoes far beyond the courtroom. As his career has shown, when victims of crime, government incompetence, and corporate greed take the entity harming them to court, it can change the minds of lawmakers and the public. “Re
    • mcginn-carpenter-montoya-love profile image
    • McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love
      Public Justice member firm McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love stands out. The five partners, Randi McGinn, Allegra Carpenter, Elicia Montoya, Kathy Love, and Katie Curry, are all women. Even in 2015, that makes them very unusual in the legal world. Perhaps as distinctive, according to partner
    • mary-alice-mclarty profile image
    • Mary Alice McLarty
      Mary Alice McLarty is passionate about her clients, the civil justice system, and about being a trial lawyer. Known as “Mary Alice from Dallas” to friends and colleagues, she has been practicing law for almost 30 years, concentrating on catastrophic injury cases, including RSD and brain injuries
    • felicia-medina-2 profile image
    • Felicia Medina
      Executive Committee Member
      Felicia Medina was aware of oppressive corporate power from a young age. Growing up in the central valley of California, her grandmother was intimately involved with farm worker advocacy, raising awareness about domestic violence, educational inequity, and other injustices. “My grandmother ran an
    • jack-olender profile image
    • Jack Olender
      Jack Olender’s first major malpractice case sounds like a Hollywood movie. The case hinged on the notes of a nurse who was present at a birth three years prior, but who had since moved on. Jack couldn’t locate her and without her testimony, he didn’t have much of a case. Finally, through sheer
    • monique-olivier profile image
    • Monique Olivier
      Monique Olivier was first drawn to a life of service because of her parents. As the daughter of the town doctor in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, she grew up with a strong sense of community and desire to have a positive impact on the people around her. After college, she spent a year volunteering with t
    • daryl-d-parks-2 profile image
    • Daryl D. Parks
      Two cases on which Daryl Parks is currently working involve the death, on school grounds, of a consistently bullied teen dismissed by the school as a freak accident, and an investigation regarding the killing of a young Mississippi man who might have become the first openly gay elected official in h
    • gale-pearson profile image
    • Gale Pearson
      Gale Pearson grew up hearing her father, also an attorney, say: “If you don’t have integrity, you don’t have anything.” Integrity for Pearson meant fairness. As a young girl, she watched her mother take on causes for justice and admits that she felt embarrassed at times about her mother
    • patrick-perotti profile image
    • Patrick Perotti
      When the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation wrongfully demanded that thousands of injured workers turn over money they received from settlements, Patrick Perotti and a team of attorneys ensured that all of the injured workers received a full refund of their improperly held funds. The case, Sa
    • michael-pitt profile image
    • Michael Pitt
      Michael Pitt doesn't mind telling you he was in awe the first time he watched Dean Robb "work his magic" in a courtroom. Like Pitt, Robb was a product of the Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. But in the mid-1970s, Pitt was just getting his law career off the ground. Robb was already a
    • harris-l-pogust profile image
    • Harris L. Pogust
      Public Justice Member Harris L. Pogust said he always wanted to be a lawyer, but originally didn’t know what kind of law he wanted to practice. He quickly learned that litigation was for him. “I’m not one to sit behind a desk all day,” Pogust said. “I like the excitement of litigation.
    • chad-roberts profile image
    • Chad Roberts
      As someone who went to college for engineering, then spent eight years as a Naval officer before going to law school, Chad Roberts had always gravitated towards the more technological aspects of legal work. It took a mid-career sabbatical to help him realize devoting his practice solely to helping o
    • ronald-rodriguez-2 profile image
    • Ronald Rodriguez
      Beginning in 2001, Laredo, Texas attorney Ronald Rodriguez took on one of the nation's largest private prison corporations in the beating death of an inmate. Just a few days before his scheduled release, Gregorio de la Rosa, who was serving a six-month DUI sentence, was beaten to death in the prison
    • tara-sutton profile image
    • Tara Sutton
      To people who know Tara Sutton and her practice, it's not surprising that Benchmark Litigation named her a "Litigation Star" for 2013. Or that Minnesota Super Lawyers included her in its "Top 50 Women Lawyers." At her firm in Minneapolis, Tara represents individuals harmed by the pharmaceutical a
    • beth-terrell-2 profile image
    • Beth Terrell
      Executive Committee Member
      When Washington Wal-Mart employees came to Seattle attorney Beth Terrell and told her how they had routinely been denied lunch and rest breaks and forced to work off the clock, she filed a lawsuit against the retail giant and forced the company to turn over its time records. She was shocked by what
    • preston-tisdale-2 profile image
    • Preston Tisdale
      When he was young, Preston Tisdale was training to become a concert pianist. Then came the civil rights movement. His parents’ trailblazing activism in his Western Connecticut community, and the lawyers he saw leading the charge for equal rights during that time, put him on the path to becoming
    • janet-varnell profile image
    • Janet Varnell
      Vice President
      The family of a Florida man who was killed by excessive police force will finally get justice, thanks to the work of attorney Janet Varnell. Varnell and a team of attorneys, including Public Justice Board President Ted Leopold and board member Tony Romanucci, sued the Marion County, Fla. Sheriff’s
    • webb-klase-lemond-llc profile image
    • Webb, Klase & Lemond LLC
      If there’s one word managing partner Adam Webb of Atlanta’s Webb, Klase & Lemond would use to describe his firm, it’s “creative”. His firm doesn’t cut and paste solutions. Instead, they fight against abuses of power on multiple fronts in original ways in order to give everyday citize
    • melissa-s-weiner-2 profile image
    • Melissa S. Weiner
      Melissa Weiner spends her days fighting for consumers victimized by corporations’ misleading marketing, but the most surprising thing about consumer deception, she says, is that it can affect anyone—even her. “I am shocked at how frequently I find myself a victim of consumer fraud,” Weine

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