Civil Rights & Liberties

Despite constitutional guarantees, Americans’ civil rights and liberties are constantly in danger of violation. Recent years have proven the importance of vigilance and activism to protect these precious rights from attacks that are sometimes subtle, sometimes egregious, but always wrong. Regardless of whether personal prejudices or national security concerns lie at the root of these violations, challenging them — and holding wrongdoers accountable — is imperative.

What Public Justice Is Doing

Public Justice’s cutting-edge civil rights and civil liberties litigation is exceptionally broad and far-reaching. Our work upholding Title IX’s promise of gender equity is unparalleled in the arena of women’s intercollegiate athletics. And we are leveling the playing field in the workplace too, fighting employment discrimination against minorities and women. Public Justice is also on the front lines battling the abuse and neglect of immigrant detainees and prisoners. Every day, we stand up against corporate wrongdoers and the government to fight for the rights of people who suffer discrimination or whose constitutional rights are being violated.