Trial Lawyer of The Year Award

Trial lawyers have a special commitment to justice. Their advocacy skills breathe life into the rights of individuals and groups that have suffered injustice and harmful abuses.

Every year, trial lawyers provide millions of people with the means to obtain justice. In the majority of these cases, the client is an individual who has been damaged in some way – physically, mentally, emotionally, monetarily – by the wrongful conduct of a business or corporation.

These David-and-Goliath battles for legal justice usually pit the enormous financial resources of the bureaucratic or business defendant against the meager resources of the injured plaintiff. Ironically, plaintiffs’ attorneys are not generally paid unless they win.

However, many trial lawyers take great risk and overcome incredible odds to advance the common law, to make new law, and to win justice for their clients and for the common good of the public.

The nomination period for the 2017 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award closed February 28, 2017. The award will be presented at our annual gala in Boston this July.

Read our nominations guidelines for the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.

View videos of the 2016 finalists.

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Illuminating Injustice Award

Public Justice’s Illuminating Injustice Award was designed to help those who have suffered a significant injury, but received only a partial recovery. The winner is announced during our Annual Gala. We announce the winner of our Trial Lawyer of the Year Award at the same event.

The purpose of this award is to highlight just one of the many clients our supporters have represented who suffered a catastrophic injury and for certain legal reasons were unable to get the just compensation they deserved. We hope to raise awareness of these types of unfortunate situations and help these injury victims with additional monetary relief.

Read the unbelievable story of our 2015 Illuminating Injustice recipient, Rosa Moreno, here.

Nominations for the 2017 Illuminating Injustice Award are now open through March 31, 2017. Access our new online nomination form, including submission criteria, here.