Press Releases

Press releases for recent Public Justice news:

October 17, 2019 The State of Iowa Continues to Hamper Efforts for Clean Water; Groups File Opposition to the State’s Attempt to Block Water Lawsuit

September 26, 2019 Federal Lawsuit Challenges Texas Drone Law That Unconstitutionally Restricts Visual Journalists

September 12, 2019 Court Will Hear Case Seeking Raccoon River Restoration and Factory Farm Moratorium

August 6, 2019 WV Advocacy Groups Sue Multiple Coal Facilities For Water

July 19, 2019 Public Justice Food Project, Only Legal Project Solely Reforming Food System, Undertakes Significant Expansion

June 25, 2019 Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Arkansas Ag-Gag Law

June 17, 2019 Nation’s Largest Lamb Producer Enters Consent Decree with USDA to Reform Killing and Other Practices

June 4, 2019 WV Advocacy Groups Threaten Litigation over Clean Water Act Violations at 15 Coal Facilities Across Region

May 28, 2019 Sikh Bus Supervisor Reaches Settlement with Maryland Public School District

May 23, 2019 Lawsuit Seeks to Protect South Platte River from Colorado Slaughterhouse Pollution

May 21, 2019 Survivors of Ohio State University Sexual Assault Demand Specific Actions Amid Questions About Report Findings

May 20, 2019 National Press Call: Survivors of Ohio State University Sexual Assault to Question Report Findings and Demand Specific Actions

May 17, 2019 Independent Report on Strauss Abuse at OSU Finds University Knew of Abuse for Decades

May 10, 2019 Court Rules Drummond is Violating Clean Water Act on Black Warrior River’s Locust Fork

April 22, 2019 Coalition Files Lawsuit Challenging Iowa’s Second Unconstitutional Ag-Gag Law

March 27, 2019 Public Interest Groups File Lawsuit for Clean Water, Gather at Capitol Building to Demand Accountability

March 20, 2019 Michigan Environmental and Social Justice Groups Call for a Ban on Industrial Agriculture Polluting Practices

February 28, 2019 Congressional Leaders Unveil House and Senate Bills to End Forced Arbitration and Restore Workers’ and Consumers’ Rights

January 31, 2019 Notice of Intent Filed to Sue Over Chronic Water Pollution From Colorado Slaughterhouses

January 9, 2019 Court Rules Iowa Ag-Gag Law Unconstitutional in Major Victory for Free Speech and Animal Protection

December 19, 2018 Court Rejects State’s Argument, Allows Federal Constitutional Challenge to N.C. ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law to Proceed

December 4, 2018 Coalition Challenges Constitutionality of Kansas Ag-Gag Law

December 3, 2018 Public Justice statement on the passing of past president Dean Robb

November 19, 2018 Law Professors: Forced Arbitration for Shareholders in Corporate Bylaws Not Valid Under State Law

October 30, 2018 Federal Court Strikes Down Wyoming “Data Trespass” Laws as Unconstitutional

August 9, 2018 Independent Ranchers Seek Injunction of Beef Checkoff Funds in Thirteen More States

July 19, 2018 Statement on CFPB Director Nominee Kathy Kraninger’s Confirmation Hearing

June 27, 2018 Legal and Advocacy Groups Demand Betsy DeVos Withdraw False Claims About Sexual Assault Cases

June 15, 2018 Joint Statement: Advocacy Groups Call on Governor Cooper to Veto SB711

June 5, 2018 Court Finds Cattle Producers Harmed by Lack of Country-of-Origin Labeling; Moves Issue Onto Administration’s Plate

June 5, 2018 Fourth Circuit Reinstates N.C. ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law Constitutional Challenge

May 30, 2018 Press Freedom, Attorney Ethics, and Police Accountability All Championed in Baltimore Police “Gag Order” Case

April 9, 2018 Momentum Against Unconstitutional USDA Checkoff Program Continues With Ninth Circuit Ruling

April 5, 2018 Arizona Judge Rules that Goodyear Cannot Keep Court Documents on Possible Deadly Defect Secret

March 28, 2018 Imminent Legal Action Planned Over Water Contamination Near Mountaire Chicken Processing Facility in Delaware

March 16, 2018 Ranch Groups Make Claim for Summary Judgment in Suit to Return USDA Country-of-Origin Labeling

February 27, 2018 SEC Commissioner Sounds Alarm on Rumors of Curbing Shareholder Rights

February 26, 2018 Public Justice Statement on Supreme Court Decision to Review ‘New Prime, inc. v. Oliveira

January 4, 2018 Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Provisions of Idaho’s Ag-Gag Law in Precedent-Setting Victory for Animals, Workers, Free Speech

October 10, 2017 Over 37,000 Americans tell Commerce Secretary to Bring COOL To Trade Negotiations

October 10, 2017 Public Interest Coalition Challenges Constitutionality of Iowa’s Ag-Gag Law

September 22, 2017 Media Call Advisory: Sexual Assault Survivor and National Title IX Legal and Policy Advocates Respond to Secretary DeVos’s Rollback of Title IX Guidance

September 21, 2017  Court Greenlights Deceptive Advertising Case Against Hormel “Natural Choice” Products

September 7, 2017 Federal Court Rules Wyoming “Ag Gag” Law Subject to Constitutional Scrutiny

August 31, 2017 Public Justice Announces Appointment of Deputy Director and External Affairs Director

July 27, 2017 Tara Sutton Named President of Public Justice

July 18, 2017 Legal and Civil Rights Advocates Call on State Education Officials to Protect Transgender Students

June 22, 2017 Federal Judge Bars Involuntary Collection of Montana Beef Checkoff Tax

June 19, 2017 United States Farmers File Suit to Require Country-of-Origin Labeling on Meat Products

April 4, 2017 Landmark Oklahoma Earthquake Lawsuit Dismissed

January 4, 2017 Fourth Circuit Court Affirms Clean Water Act Protections for West Virginia Families

December 13, 2016 Federal Judge Agrees with R-CALF USA’s Arguments on Beef Checkoff Being Unconstitutional, Recommends Halting Program

September 1, 2016 Groups Sue Drummond Over Abandoned Mine’s Pollution of the Locust Fork

August 25, 2016 R-CALF USA’s Attorneys Seek Quick End to Beef Checkoff Lawsuit

July 28, 2016 Sanford Heisler and Public Justice Win Key Decision in California Supreme Court

June 29, 2016 Abandoned Mine Site Continues to Pollute Locust Fork of Black Warrior River

June 27, 2016 Parties Agree to Moratorium on Ash Placement and Better Protections against Dust and Water Pollution

June 24, 2016 Hormel Sued for Deceptive & Misleading Advertising of So-called ‘Natural’ Products

June 20, 2016 Coalition Defends District Court Victory Striking Down Unconstitutional Idaho Ag-gag Law

May 3, 2016 Consumer Advocates to Speak at Federal Consumer Agency’s Public Hearing in Albuquerque

May 2, 2016 Independent Cattle Ranchers Sue Federal Dept. of Agriculture over Beef Checkoff Program

March 22, 2016 PacifiCorp ignores responsibility to clean up coal ash contamination at Utah plant

February 16, 2016 Environmental Groups File Fracking Lawsuit Against Three Energy Companies Operating in Oklahoma

February 3, 2016 Louisiana Citizens Group Notifies Noranda & Kaiser of Plans to Sue Over Mercury Contamination

January 13, 2016 Coalition Sues North Carolina over Constitutionality of ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law

December 17, 2015 Newly Unsealed Documents Expose Ugly Details of Scott Tucker’s Deceptive Payday Lending Scheme

November 2, 2015 Groups Tell Environmental Groups Warn Oklahoma Fracking Operators of Potential Legal Action

October 20, 2015 Groups Tell PacifiCorp to Fix Extensive Contamination at Utah Coal Plant

September 2, 2015 Hanford Workers File Federal Lawsuit Against Department of Energy and Contractor Over Toxic Vapors

September 2, 2015 NEW REPORT: Food Industry’s Drive for Profits over Safety Has Fueled Series of Illness Outbreaks, Puts Public at Risk

August 24, 2015 New Online Resource Helps Kids Fight School Bullying

August 12, 2015 Court Finds Fola Coal Violating Clean Water Act  

August 3, 2015 Idaho Ag-Gag Law Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court

July 14, 2015 Legal Team in Landmark Labor Trafficking Case Wins ‘Trial Lawyer of the Year’

June 9, 2015 Public Justice Announces Finalists for the 2015 ‘Trial Lawyer of the Year’ Award

May 11, 2015 Washington State Dairies Agree to Implement Sweeping Changes Following Landmark Lawsuit Over Water Supply Contamination

April 27, 2015 Hearing in Public Interest Coalition’s Constitutional Challenge to Idaho’s Controversial “Ag Gag” Law