Luke v. Baptist Medical Center-Princeton

Luke v. Baptist Medical Center-Princeton

Appeal of a district court decision forcing a nurse who was fired after 30 years of employment into arbitration despite her repeated refusal to sign the employer’s arbitration clause. 

Appeal of district court decision holding that plaintiff, a nurse who was fired after 30 years of employment, must arbitrate her Title VII and ADEA race and age discrimination claims despite the fact that she refused to sign her former employer’s arbitration clause and repeatedly told her supervisor that she would never agree to be bound by its terms. Former Public Justice Attorney Michael Quirk wrote the plaintiff’s appellate brief and argued the appeal.  He was assisted by Public Justice’s Paul Bland and former Public Justice Fellow Kerry-Ann Powell.  Co-counsel is Mark H. Elovitz of Birmingham, AL.

Case Documents

  • Our opening brief

    Our opening brief on behalf of Title VII and ADEA employment discrimination plaintiff urging the Eleventh Circuit to hold that employer's arbitration clause is unenforceable where plaintiff refused to sign clause and told her employer repeatedly that she refused to be bound or to waive her legal rights.

    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

    Docket: 03-14342-G

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