Help Public Justice Make an Impact

Help Public Justice Make an Impact


Public Justice is spotlighting two of its programs this December: our ongoing campaign in defense of the right of everyone to have their day in court when they have been harmed and our litigation holding school districts that fail to stop pervasive bullying in their schools accountable.

A2J combats corporate America’s well-coordinated campaign to keep court documents about vital issues of public safety sealed, to use forced arbitration clauses that shut millions of American workers and consumers out of the civil justice system, to give itself license to cheat countless members of the public by banning class actions, and much more.

Access to justice is an issue that affects nearly everyone, and the human cost of having no redress through the courts can be immense. Last week, Executive Director Paul Bland wrote about an appeals court barring an 88-year-old man beaten and robbed by a Rent-a-Center employee from bringing suit against Rent-a-Center because the victim, in order to rent a refrigerator, had signed a document agreeing that any claims against the company go through an arbitrator rather than a court of law.

This denial of justice is a stunning version of what happens to many Americans who suddenly find themselves deprived of their right to a day in court.

Public Justice’s Anti-Bullying Campaign holds schools accountable when they fail to protect our children and force schools to take appropriate steps to respond to bullying. This year, Public Justice’s advocacy on behalf of victims of bullying took a step forward, with several new cases on behalf of victims of extraordinary harassment and assault.

This year, Public Justice was part of a coalition of groups in support of an Alabama girl’s lawsuit against her school, which attempted to use her as “bait” in order to catch a student who was a known sexual harasser “in the act.” As a result of that sting attempt, the girl was raped.

The tentative and unbelieving attitude the school took to repeated harassment by the assailant in this case illustrates why the Anti-Bullying campaign needs to exist: Students around the country are in danger because they go to schools that do not take the steps necessary to stop cultures of bullying, and sometimes contribute to those cultures themselves.

This December, please remember all the victims of tremendous injustice in this country, and consider a contribution to Public Justice’s work.

To make a donation to Public Justice’s A2J: Stronger & Smarter campaign or Anti-Bullying Campaign, click here

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