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Public Justice is a nonprofit legal advocacy organization that takes on purveyors of corporate corruption, sexual abusers and harassers, and polluters who ravage the environment. Each of our battles are inspired by a pledge to further equity and equality, end systemic oppression, and protect and expand access to justice for all.

As a student, you can get involved and make a difference. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Kickstart your public service career, advocacy, and professional network today by becoming a Public Justice Student Member today!

Click the button above or contact Kelly Simon, Senior Development Director, at ksimon@publicjustice.net or (202) 861-5253 to become a Public Justice Student Member.

Felicia Medina
left double quote
Public Justice is at the forefront of implementing national strategies and regrouping—even if the system is working exactly how the system was designed to work—and not getting discouraged by that, but instead still believing in our capacity to be transformational in the law.

Felicia Medina
Medina Orthwein LLP
Public Justice Board Member

Benefits of Membership

As a Public Justice Student Member, you will:

  • Connect with 2,400 of the nation’s top plaintiff attorneys and justice advocates;
  • Access our monthly communications for updates on the latest legal news related to access to justice, class action preservation, and other public interest issues;
  • Receive invitations to exclusive educational events, webinars, and networking opportunities
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