Public Justice Society

Our Public Justice Society honors those special supporters who have made a gift through their will or other planned gift to Public Justice.  As a Public Justice Society member, you will receive special recognition on our website and in Public Justice publications.

The mission of Public Justice is one that will last many lifetimes. You have demonstrated you are with us, fighting injustice wherever we can. Take the next step. Continue to fight for those who need it most. The Public Justice Society is an incredible way to ensure the success of the Public Justice Foundation for generations to come. Won’t you join us?

If you have already committed your support or wish to now, please let us know here. Please fill out and send the linked document by mail or by email to Development Director Kelly Simon at ksimon@publicjustice.net.

Please contact Kelly Simon, Development Director at (202) 861-5253 or ksimon@publicjustice.net  for more information or to discuss other ways to leave a legacy.