Taking on Trump: Where We Stand

Taking on Trump: Where We Stand

Photo by Tony Webster, via Flickr

The Trump Administration and lawmakers in Congress have proposed alarming policies – and nominated some troubling cabinet picks – that would roll back progress on consumer protection, civil rights, fighting climate change and access to the courts.  Here’s how Public Justice is responding:

Our country faces critical challenges in the years ahead that will impact our laws, and our families, for decades to come. We know the courts will be a critical part of preserving our progress and advancing our values. When lawmakers work in the public interest, we’ll stand with them. But whenever they prioritize profit over people, corporations over communities or try to roll back our rights, we’ll fight back. Check back here for an updated, ongoing list of actions we’re taking to combat social and economic injustice, protect the Earth’s sustainability, and challenge predatory corporate conduct and government abuses.

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