2016 Super Thursday

Our 2016 Phonathon – our largest membership drive of the year – took place on Thursday, May 5 here in Washington, DC.  During the event, supporters from around the country formed two teams, the Whigs and the Federalists, and gathered to bring in new and old members, as well as additional donations.  All in all, we succeeded in bringing in over $650,000; including more than 300 members.  The Whigs emerged victorious, raking in over $400,000.  Congratulations and special thanks to Whig Captains Roger Mandel and Preston Tisdale for leading their team to victory, and to Federalist Captains Beth Terrell and Chris Dalbey whose team member Dan Bryson took home the top prize: our coveted Silver Phone award for most members recruited.  The funds raised during this event will be put to good use in our continuing fight to ensure justice and access to the courts for all!

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