Bullying and the Law: What Families Need to Know

Bullying and the Law: What Families Need to Know

By Adele Kimmel, Managing Attorney

What legal options do bullying victims have when their schools fail to take appropriate steps to protect them?

This is exactly what I’ll be talking about tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern Time as part of The BULLY Project’s conference call series. My goal is to make sure that students, parents and educators alike gain a better understanding of what the law requires school districts and employees to do when students are bullied by their peers.

I will discuss what bullying is—and what it isn’t. And I’ll talk about legal options under both federal and state laws. I will also offer practical tips to parents and students about how to protect their rights. Most important, I’ll answer participants’ questions.

All too often, our schools are turning a blind eye to bullying. This needs to stop. Schools are not powerless to protect students from bullying. In fact, in many instances, schools are required by law to take action to try to stop bullying. And when schools know that a student is being severely and repeatedly bullied, there is simply no excuse for failing to take action. This is precisely why Public Justice launched its Anti-Bullying Campaign—to hold school districts and officials accountable when they fail to take appropriate action to protect our kids from bullying.

So, if you are interested in learning more about your legal options to address school bullying, join me tonight. Just RSVP and you can be part of the conversation. Public Justice will be livetweeting the discussion. Follow tonight and after to learn more.

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