Doe v. Crestwood School District

Doe v. Crestwood School District

This was an administrative complaint brought by a parent of Child Doe, a gender non-conforming student. Child Doe, an elementary school student in Crestwood School District, was subjected to unremedied harassment and discriminatory discipline on the basis of their gender identity and expression.

Child Doe’s parent filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. To settle the complaint, the District agreed to provide financial support for Child Doe’s education at a private school, reimburse the family for out-of-pocket education-related expenses, and implement systemic changes to policies, procedures, and training to address discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

  • Adele Kimmel, Alexandra Brodsky, Adrienne Spiegel
  • Kristina Moon, Maura McInerney, and Paige Joki of the Education Law Center

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