Consumer and Environmental Litigator Esther Berezofsky Becomes President of Public Justice

Consumer and Environmental Litigator Esther Berezofsky Becomes President of Public Justice

Esther Berezofsky, a litigator known for her accomplishments in leading pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, and representing communities impacted by environmental contamination, became Public Justice’s President at its Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md., in late July.

“I’m excited about the privilege of serving as Public Justice President as the organization fulfills its mission bringing high impact cases that advance the public interest and helping Public Justice transition into the                                     future.”

Berezofsky served as lead counsel in the Toms River Children’s Cancer Cluster Case, representing the families of children who developed cancer, as a result of exposure to a contaminated municipal supply in Toms River, NJ. She continues to prosecute environmental and occupational chemical exposure cases. In her work representing plaintiffs injured by defective medical devices and pharmaceutical products, Berezofsky currently serves on the MDL Plaintiffs Steering Committee for the DuPuy Hip Implant litigation, handles Stryker hip, Insulin pump, Hernia mesh and other mass torts. She has held leadership positions in various mass tort litigations and been trial counsel in many, including Hormone Therapy cases and the New Jersey Fen Phen Medical Monitoring Class Action.

Before becoming an attorney, Berezofsky was a clinical psychologist who evaluated people suffering from post-traumatic stress related to chemical exposure disasters, such as at Three Mile Island, Times Beach, Mo. and others. Her previous career informs her work as a trial lawyer on environmental and other complex litigation.

Berezofsky was inspired to become a litigator because “as a psychologist my goal was to help people discover ways to help themselves. Unfortunately, all too often the underlying cause of their depression and neuroses were caused, or exacerbated, by real world injustice and exploitation. I wanted to make a difference on a larger scale and began a second career, as an attorney. I am drawn to working in areas of the law that that have the potential for broader impact.”

Presidents of Public Justice lead the organization’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors for one year. The Board and Executive Committee advise staff and attorneys in all aspects of their work, from guiding the development of the law firm’s docket to advising communications strategy. Incoming presidents serve as Vice President for a year before ascending to the presidency, and Berezofsky considers herself fortunate to have worked closely with, and benefited from the experience of outgoing president Ted Leopold over the past year.

Berezofsky first became involved with Public Justice more than 20 years ago and in addition to her law practice has been an active member of the board and executive committee. When asked how she juggles her multiple commitments she said: “I love what I do and in addition to managing a law firm, wading knee deep in mass torts, and my work with Public Justice, I actually do have a life! It includes a husband, twin daughters, cats and a Great Dane. Once a year I run a marathon in a city somewhere in the world. Training for them helps balance my life. That and chocolate.”


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