Never Stop Fighting.

Never Stop Fighting.

By Camika Shelby

When my son, Nigel, took his own life after being bullied and harassed at school simply because he had the courage to be himself, I was devastated. Nigel was full of light and full of joy. When that light was extinguished, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go on.

But all that changed with help from Public Justice.

I’m not a lawyer, but because I was able to call on the amazing lawyers at Public Justice to help me after Nigel’s death, I was able to make sure his legacy would be one of positive change. That’s what I wanted, more than anything, and now I rest easier at night knowing that other kids in Nigel’s school district – and especially other LGBTQ+ kids – are better protected because Public Justice’s Students’ Civil Rights Project helped me win sweeping changes to keep students safer at school.

I was honored to join Public Justice last month in Philadelphia, and thank this incredible team of people in person. I hope my story will give hope to other parents and LGBTQ+ young people who are fighting, every day, to make their own communities and schools more welcoming.

Click the video above to watch my speech at Public Justice’s Gala last month.

The day I laid my baby to rest, I promised him I’d never stop fighting for him. With Public Justice’s help, I kept my promise.

The work this organization does is life changing for a lot of us. I knew, when they took my case, that I was going to be alright – because they really care. Public Justice helped Nigel’s story reach and touch so many people around the world, and I’m so thankful for them and for the work that they do.

We need Public Justice working for our families. So, I hope you’ll become a supporter of this wonderful organization so they can help others fighting for big, important changes. I know, first-hand, what a difference they make. Because while nothing will bring Nigel back, Public Justice helped me find justice – and bring about a little bit of change – in his honor.

And that could only happen because of people like you who make this work possible.

Thank you for standing with them – and with Nigel.

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