Public Justice Board Member Daryl Parks Representing the Family of Mike Brown

Public Justice Board Member Daryl Parks Representing the Family of Mike Brown

Parks and partner Benjamin Crump say autopsy confirms Brown’s attempt to surrender

Daryl D. Parks, a Florida litigator who specializes in civil rights, personal injury, and wrongful death cases, and a member of Public Justice’s Board of Directors, is currently helping the family of Mike Brown secure justice. Brown died last Saturday after being shot by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer.

Parks and his partner Benjamin Crump spoke this morning about the ways that Brown’s independent autopsy results confirm eyewitness accounts that the unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teenager was on his knees, attempting to surrender, when Officer Darren Wilson shot him at least six times last Saturday.

“Why [else] would he be shot in the very top of his head? A 6’4″ man,” Parks was quoted as saying today. “Makes no sense.”

Crump told members of the media today that Brown’s family requested the independent autopsy to answer three questions: “How many times was my child shot?”, “Was my child in pain?”, and “What more do we have to give them to arrest the killer of my child?”

Parks and Crump have gained national prominence in recent years as attorneys for the family of Trayvon Martin. Parks was a frequent commentator throughout the trial of George Zimmerman. Parks and Crump sought to help very soon after Brown was killed on August 9th, after being immediately inundated with requests from friends and colleagues, including Trayvon Martin’s father, to go to Missouri and assist the Brown family.

In a recent Meet our Members profile, Parks spoke about how his high-profile cases, as well as his everyday work for people in his North Florida community, are indicative of his career-long goal to help “the least of these, and the powerless” to achieve justice denied them through the avenues of public protest, philanthropy, and litigation. Read more about Parks here

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