You Have the Power to Stop Polluters

You Have the Power to Stop Polluters.
We Have the Legal Expertise to Help.

Some of the biggest and most important environmental victories have been achieved by citizens standing up against polluters. Citizen suits, as these impactful lawsuits are known, allow citizens to sue corporations that pollute the air, land and water and to sue government agencies that refuse to enforce or implement environmental statutes and regulations.

By standing up to polluters, citizens in every corner of the country have helped stop environmental destruction.

  • In West Virginia, citizen suits have been instrumental in holding coal companies accountable for polluting rivers and streams that impact drinking water supplies, fish and wildlife.
  • In Yakima Valley, Washington, citizens forced dairies to clean up their act after sewage from thousands of cows seeped into local aquifers, polluting the community’s drinking water.
  • Citizens in Texas successfully sued Exxon for contaminating the air with 10 million pounds of pollution, resulting in largest penalty resulting from a citizen suit in U.S. history.
  • Citizens in Ohio successfully sued an airport to stop illegal discharges of deicing fluids into area streams and creeks; the injunction granted led many other airports to curtail the same type of pollution.

Legal teams from Public Justice and other public interest law firms were behind each of these victories. But we’re not done yet. We work, every day, to hold polluters accountable. As the Environmental Protection Agency and others step back from enforcing the country’s laws, we’re stepping up to help citizens fight back.

If you work at an environmental agency and see that agency failing to enforce the law, we want to know.  If you live in a community and its air, water or natural resources are being polluted or destroyed, we want to know. Fill out the form below to send a confidential email to our legal team outlining what is happening and what is – or isn’t – being done.

If you want to send us information anonymously and securely, you can:

  1. Complete our anonymous online form. Providing contact information is optional, and any messages or information submitted will be sent to a secure server and mailbox.
  2. Contact us via Peerio, a free, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, which allows you to communicate directly with Public Justice. Peerio provides fully encrypted cloud storage for files. You can transfer files to Public Justice as large as 400 megabytes. Our Peerio user name is publicjustice. Click here to download Peerio.

You have the power to fight back. We have the team to help you.

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