Case Stories

Jenny Lee Holt and Kristopher Holt, etc. v. HHH Motors LLP., d/b/a/ Hyuandai of Orange Park, etc. 

When Jenny Lee Holt and Kristopher Holt purchased their car in 2010, they expected to pay some extra government fees. What they didn’t expect — and had no reason to foresee — was that the car dealer would misrepresent a vendor’s fee for making a required filing as a government fee, mark up this fee by nearly 800 percent, and pocket the profits. But that’s exactly what Hyundai of Orange Park did to its customers. Read more >

Nemphos v. Nestle Waters North America, Inc., et al.

When Michelle Nemphos’ daughter’s adult teeth started erupting, she was dismayed to see very bright white spots on her teeth. And Nemphos was surprised because she had been careful to ensure her daughter had almost exclusively fluoridated water from the time she was an infant so that she would have healthy, strong teeth. What Nemphos didn’t know at the time, and was only confirmed after the fact by her daughter’s dentist, is that her daughter had fluorosis and that ingesting fluoride, like that contained in the fluoridated bottled water marketed for children, was the cause of the damage to her teeth. Read more >

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