Practice Area: Civil Rights & Liberties

Hankin v. City of Seattle

This class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of hundreds of peaceful protesters who were arrested and jailed on December 1, 1999, pursuant to the City of Seattle’s “no-protest zone” policy that was put into effect during the WTO Ministerial Conference. The case sought damages,…

Flood v. Florida Gulf Coast University

Public Justice filed a federal lawsuit charging that Florida Gulf Coast University retaliated against and defamed a successful female coach because she spoke up about gender inequities in the school’s athletic programs. The lawsuit filed on behalf of former FGCU head women’s volleyball coach Jaye…

Cohen v. Brown University

In November 1996, we won a ruling in federal court that Brown University violated Title IX when it demoted its women’s gymnastics and volleyball teams from university-funded to donor-funded varsity status. This precedent-setting ruling, which set the standard for determining a school’s compliance with Title…

Banderas v. United States

This was a Federal Tort Claims Act and civil rights suit on behalf of Martin Hernandez Banderas, a former federal immigration detainee who received such grossly inadequate medical care for a diabetic foot wound that doctors recommended amputating his right leg to save his life….

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