Practice Area: Forced Arbitration

Masters v. DirecTV

The plaintiffs in this putative nationwide class action allege that DirecTV has violated California consumer protection laws by engaging in a “bait and switch” scheme in which it markets satellite television receivers for purchase, informing customers only after the sale is completed that they have…

Homa v. American Express

This case presented the question of whether, in a case in which the uncontroverted evidence establishes that a company’s class action ban would effectively preclude a party from vindicating his substantive statutory rights, a court could refuse to enforce the arbitration clause notwithstanding the U.S….

FIA Card Services v. Weaver

Appeal of decision holding that courts are required to rubber-stamp arbitration awards, even where a consumer argues that he never agreed to arbitration. On appeal, Public Justice urged the Louisiana Supreme Court to reverse a decision holding that a court asked to enforce an arbitration award…

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