Field Work

Field Work

Eighty-five percent of the meat Americans consume is produced by four corporate giants – Tyson, Smithfield, Cargill and JDS. These companies use the methods of mass factory production, including chemical modification, mechanization and concentration, to pump out products where the only concern is their bottom line. They do so without regard for the suffering their methods inflict on animals or the risks their methods pose to consumers, neighbors, employees, and the earth.

Public Justice’s Food Project takes a multifaceted approach to support a more sustainable, honest, humane and safe food system. In our lawsuits, we represent farmers, rural communities, consumers, and workers who share our vision. In our advocacy, we spread awareness of the systemic inequities that have allowed this corporate takeover of our food system and show policymakers and the public how they can support a return to farming focused on sustaining communities rather than extracting profit.

Photo by Jenny Tenney Photography.

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