Nikki Duffney

Nikki Duffney

Membership Manager

Nikki Duffney (she/her) brings over a decade of membership management experience from several industries to grow membership, increase engagement, and improve retention. She is passionate about building communities and connecting people to resources to support their goals. Nikki is invested in fostering relationships that create lasting partnerships. Throughout her career, Nikki continues to value sharing best practices, gathering resources, and collaborating with communities to deliver on their needs. Nikki has supported and developed membership programming for the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association, the Marine Retailers Association, and Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health.

Nikki graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota-Morris in business management with an emphasis in human resources. She is a queer femme who lives with a disability and believes justice starts before harm is done. Nikki is committed to dismantling oppressive systems and has been an active participant in mutual aid, harm reduction, and education in her local Denver, CO community.

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