Victims of Bullying Speak Out: Show Your Support

Victims of Bullying Speak Out: Show Your Support

Graffiti photographed by security at Pine Bush High School

A story just published on the NBC News website features the harrowing words of victims of systemic and virulent anti-Semitic bullying in the Pine Bush school district in New York’s Hudson Valley. Public Justice was proud to serve as co-counsel on this important case, and to help get the students’ voices heard, and their stories told.

The students in this case have shown immense courage in speaking up, taking action and working for change. You can leave a message of support, to show them how much their actions mean, by leaving a comment here on our blog. We’ll be sharing your feedback with the students.

Because these brave students spoke out, the school district has agreed to comprehensive reform over three years that includes new anti-bullying policies, training for all district employees, student education and discipline, tracking, reporting and investigations of anti-Semitic incidents, an annual anti-bullying survey, and a revamped anti-discrimination coordinator, among other changes. The students’ actions mean a better future for other students in the school system.

Read more about the historic settlement that will serve as a blueprint for school districts dealing with systemic bullying here. Then, leave a note in the comments section of this post to tell them how much their bravery means. 

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