Practice Area: Forced Arbitration

  • Don’t Trust the Chamber of Commerce When it Tells You That Arbitration is Good for Consumers

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the country’s largest corporate lobbying organizations, wants American consumers to believe that it has their best interests at heart. This is a myth.

    In a recent blog post, the Chamber argues against a proposed rule being considered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The rule would prohibit contracts for consumer financial products from combining arbitration clauses that prevent consumers from going to court with terms that ban consumers from bringing or being a part of a class action. The Chamber argues that when consumers have been cheated by banks or debt collectors, it’s in the consumers’ best interest to bring those companies to individual arbitration, rather than banding together in a class action. This position, however, is completely disingenuous.

Total Transportation Services, Inc. v. Armenta

The estimated 75,000 port truck drivers in the United States are an indispensable link in the American retail supply chain, transporting about 250 million metric tons of imported goods (worth $900 million) from our nation’s ports to railheads, shipping warehouses, or retail distribution centers. Multibillion-dollar…

Machado v. System4

Public Justice and Public Citizen filed an amici brief urging the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to affirm a trial court’s decision not to compel arbitration claims brought by a putative class of largely immigrant and non-English-speaking janitorial workers who allegedly suffered egregious wage violations under…

Hudson v. Citibank

Public Justice represents Janet Hudson and Cynthia Stewart, who were holders of Citibank credit cards. After they fell behind on their payments, Citibank brought debt collection actions against each of them in Alaska state court. And, as in thousands of other credit card debt collection…

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