Public Justice

POM Wonderful Victory for Consumers

photo credit: Fruitnet.com via photopin cc By Leslie A. Brueckner, Senior Attorney Leah Nicholls, Kazan-Budd Attorney It’s clear that the U.S. Supreme Court is about as pro-business as one can imagine. But something strange happened recently: The Court issued a unanimous ruling that will actually…

“Natural” Food: Take That With A Grain of Salt

Image via foodnavigator-usa. By Leslie Brueckner Senior Attorney What do you think when you see the word “natural” prominently displayed on a package of chicken breasts?  If you are like me, you assume it means that the hen was raised without antibiotics, artificial growth hormones,…

Paul Bland Discusses SCOTUS Ruling Limiting EPA Regulatory Powers

In this TheRealNews video, Public Justice Executive Director Paul Bland discusses the implications for the environment and climate change of the recent Supreme Court decision that will limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory power. He spoke alongside Ecowatch‘s Stefanie Spear. 

Tribe: SCOTUS Denying Access to Justice Because It’s an “Anti-court Court”

Image via Tribeca Citizen.  By Arthur Bryant Chairman Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe, one of America’s preeminent constitutional scholars, says the U.S Supreme Court’s majority is not denying access to justice to consumers, workers, and civil rights plaintiffs just because it is “favorable to…

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