Public Justice Statement in Response to Shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs

Public Justice Statement in Response to Shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs

LGBTQ+ venues like Club Q should be places of freedom, not fear. Hope, not hatred. And community, not killing. But while much is not yet known, it is undeniable that Saturday’s tragedy takes place against a backdrop of hateful speech targeting LGBTQ+ people, and that this was particularly true in Colorado Springs.  Without knowing what was in the mind of this latest killer, in a society where some people seek to gain political power through expressing hate and fear of others, the dark shadows of violence will find their way into the spaces where we should all be able to feel safe and embraced.

What we must remember today, and in the days and weeks ahead, is this: Thoughts will not stop bullets. Prayers will not deter murderous madmen. And simply wishing these assaults on our loved ones would stop will not make them go away. What happened in Colorado Springs this weekend was completely preventable. We at Public Justice fully support a ban on assault weapons, and we strongly denounce hateful rhetoric and anti-LGBTQ+ attacks. If these two factors are not stopped, military weapons and hate speech will manifest into horrifying and deadly violence that costs innocent people their lives.

What our LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Jewish friends and family need is action, accountability, and a commitment from us all that we will not forget Club Q, Pulse Nightclub, Tree of Life Synagogue, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal – or any of the other sacred community sites across this country that have been targeted by violence. Gun control is a civil and human rights issue, and we urge our friends, allies, and members to join us in calling on our Senators to swiftly pass the Assault Weapons Ban Act – legislation that will literally save lives and put an end to the senseless gun violence irrevocably devastating LGBTQ+ communities, communities of color, and Jewish communities across the country.

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