Public Justice

Stepping Up. Even More.

I’m thrilled to announce that Public Justice has added a new position to our staff. Today, we welcome our new Outreach Manager, who will be working to rally and mobilize grassroots support for the issues at the heart of Public Justice’s mission.

Public Justice’s 2016 Annual Report

While few of us imagined at the beginning of 2016 just how many challenges the year would end with, the successes recounted in the year’s annual report underscore the tremendous impact our strategy is having at the local, state and national level . . . even in especially difficult political times.

  • Tara Sutton Becomes Public Justice President

    Champion of people injured by defective and harmful products to lead organization for one-year term In the eyes of Public Justice president Tara Sutton, the results of the 2016 election left Public Justice with a multitude of new challenges – along with an opportunity to…

Public Justice Strongly Opposes Harmful Corporate Proposals to Gut Rule 30(b)(6)

Public Justice has just filed comments with the Federal Rules Committee strongly opposing the proposed changes to Rule 30(b)(6), one of the most powerful and important tools for finding out the truth and pinning down corporations. Our comments reflect the serious damage these changes would inflict on consumers, workers and the legal advocates who are their voice and champions. We’re committed to ensuring our Members and their clients have a voice in this process, and our team is working to ensure these proposed changes never become law.

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