Public Justice Statement on Yesterday’s Mob Attack on Democracy

Public Justice Statement on Yesterday’s Mob Attack on Democracy

By Paul Bland
Executive Director

As legal advocates, we believe the rule of law matters. Democracy matters. And justice for all – including, and especially, racial justice – matters. There must be accountability for inciting, and participating in, mob violence in order to try and overturn the will of the people. Just as we fight, in our work, to make sure that every person’s rights are protected, no matter their identity, we also believe that every voice, and vote, counts for our country.  Yesterday’s riot was, in large part, an effort to disenfranchise millions because one group of Americans believe other peoples’ votes are illegitimate. We reject that thinking.

The images of white supremacy, Nazi ideology and other symbols of hate that we saw during yesterday’s riot are sickening and outrageous. The ideology that drove the mob came from the desire of some people to put their own self-interest ahead of the public good. That approach, played out over a period of years, fanned the flames of violence that erupted on Wednesday afternoon.

We must continue our work to preserve our legal system, expand justice and build the power of our movement and our allies. We call on our elected leaders to do their part, too, and hold responsible those who fomented and executed the violent, racist and hateful insurrection that unfolded in our nation’s capital yesterday. Public Justice’s work is founded on a belief that dignity is non-negotiable, equality is essential and that our government, and our courts, must represent and work for everyone. Together, we must turn the page on yesterday’s dark chapter and begin to craft a brighter, better and more inclusive tomorrow for us all.

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