35th Anniversary Campaign

Roadmap to Change

Our Generous Roadmap to Change DonorsFor 35 years, Public Justice has been at the vanguard of public interest law.

We have fought powerful corporate interests who stack the deck against exploited workers, defrauded consumers, and polluted communities seeking justice.

We will continue to drive forward real change for every American by combating vigorous campaigns which threaten to close the courthouse doors by:

• Bringing cutting-edge legal cases that push the law forward in support of workers, consumers, families, and communities whenever someone violates their rights—or tries to deny them their right to a day in court;

• Advocating for systemic change before regulatory, administrative, and legislative bodies on the federal and state level whenever those bodies are considering further limiting access to the courts, and seeking opportunities to push improvements forward; and

• Educating the broader legal community and the American public on the ways in which justice is at stake, as well as our thoughtful solutions to the problems at hand.

We will face a relentless series of corporate attacks on the civil justice system in the coming years. In the course of our 35-year history, Public Justice has pushed forward and won progress during times of political and legal challenges. Our talented team of legal advocates, working in tandem with some of the nation’s most successful trial lawyers, has won numerous landmark decisions, and created systemic change that makes our communities, our country, and our legal system stronger and more fair. Now, as we face significant uncertainty and plan to meet the urgent challenges ahead, we need your support more than ever.

We are grateful for those individuals and firms who have made commitments to stand with Public Justice in celebration of our 35th anniversary as we chart our Roadmap to Change. Click here for a list of campaign supporters.

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