Tell Oklahoma Gov. Fallin: Implement Trainings to Stop Sexual Assault

classroom with textA student at Washington Middle School in Oklahoma was sexually assaulted three times over the course of 18 months by other students – including one incident in which he was restrained by a football player and assaulted by another student as 30-40 other children in the music class watched. Public Justice has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family, who assert that the district did little to protect their 14-year old son after learning of the bullying, death threats, and repeated sexual assaults.

Unfortunately, this student’s story is not unique. But sexual assault is not “horseplay,” as a principal told the parents of the 6th grader after reporting his assault.

That’s why our client’s family is calling on Governor Mary Fallin to take action and order the state Department of Education to implement statewide training programs to better prepare schools to prevent and address sexual assaults. You can stand with the family by adding your voice to their demand for action that protects Oklahoma students.

Tell Governor Mary Fallin to require trainings across the state to stop sexual assault.

If you live in Oklahoma, you can contact Gov. Fallin’s office. You can also send her the message online with these sample tweets:

Hey @GovMaryFallin, #SexualAssaultIsNotOK. Protect our students and require training to stop sexual assault for all schools across Oklahoma. #MeTooK12 #SAAM

Oklahomans need to know their children are safe at school. @GovMaryFallin should implement statewide trainings to stop sexual assault NOW. #SexualAssaultIsNotOK #MeTooK12

Washington Public Schools in Oklahoma failed to protect this 6th grader when he was sexually assaulted—repeatedly—at school. @GovMaryFallin must ensure students are safe & require statewide trainings to stop sexual assault. #SexualAssaultIsNotOK bit.ly/2GJZcJP

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is the right time for @GovMaryFallin to require schools statewide to have trainings to stop sexual assault. #SexualAssaultIsNotOK #SAAM http://bit.ly/2GJZcJP

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