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  • Eric Cramer Named Public Justice President

    In college, Public Justice Board President Eric Cramer tried to figure out the best way for him to contribute to the greater good; he considered becoming a historian or a political scientist.  “I wanted to improve the world,” he recalls. “For me, I decided that…

Joffe v. King and Spalding LLP (SDNY June 24, 2020)

Denying pro se attorney-plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration where plaintiff sought to force in-person depositions instead of moving forward with remote depositions, finding, among other things, that 6-foot social distancing within deposition room did not solve issues around use of common spaces and travel to/from in-person…

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Evidence Shows Montgomery Residents Were Illegally Jailed For Inability to Pay Fines

The court held that the Montgomery Municipal Court “engaged in a systemic practice of jailing traffic offenders for failing to pay fines without inquiring into their ability to pay” and “deprived offenders of their due process and equal protection rights not to be incarcerated for their poverty”—and that there is sufficient evidence to hold both JCS and the City liable for the violations.