Public Justice

Evidence Shows Montgomery Residents Were Illegally Jailed For Inability to Pay Fines

The court held that the Montgomery Municipal Court “engaged in a systemic practice of jailing traffic offenders for failing to pay fines without inquiring into their ability to pay” and “deprived offenders of their due process and equal protection rights not to be incarcerated for their poverty”—and that there is sufficient evidence to hold both JCS and the City liable for the violations.

End Qualified Immunity

Public Justice joins a broad coalition of allies in calling on Congress to pass the Ending Qualified Immunity Act and restore accountability for police departments and officers across the country.

Leduc v. Peddinghaus Corp. Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Depose Plaintiff’s Liability Expert in Person (Filed May 11, 2020)

Argues for court to deny defendant’s request to conduct deposition in person out-of-state during COVID-19 pandemic, thereby forcing plaintiffs’ attorney to choose between exposure to virus through travel or letting defendant’s counsel “be physically present for her expert’s deposition while she is not. Defendant’s motion…

Leduc v. Peddinghaus Order Denying Defendant’s Motion to take deposition in person (Kankakee Cty. Cir. Ct. May 14, 2020)

Denies defendant’s motion to take expert deposition in person out-of-state during COVID-19 pandemic, calling defendant’s request “unreasonable at the present time” and noting that “effective use of technology makes the handling of documents and exhibits in a remote deposition both effective and efficient. Leduc v….

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