• Public Justice Files Suit to Clean Up Coal Ash Contamination at Utah Plant

    Public Justice has filed suit, on behalf of HEAL Utah and the Sierra Club, to ensure the cleanup of millions of tons of toxic coal ash waste at a central Utah power plant following decades of mismanagement. The suit comes after an October letter asking PacifiCorp to address a litany of problems that have contaminated land and water at the Huntington coal-burning power plant.

    According to the complaint, PacifiCorp’s mismanagement in handling, transport and disposal of the coal-ash waste “have caused extensive contamination of local ground and/or surface waters, which may present an imminent and substantial endangerment to health and the environment.”

    Perhaps most egregious, the suit alleges that one of the plant’s tactics for skirting its responsibilities under the Clean Water Act was the creation of a “fake farm” adjacent to the plant where alfalfa and other crops were irrigated as a means to disposing of the plant’s wastewater.

  • Public Justice Representing Plaintiffs in Challenge to North Carolina ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law

    A coalition of animal protection, consumer rights, food safety, and whistleblower protection groups is challenging a North Carolina law designed to deter whistleblowers and undercover investigators from publicizing information about corporate misconduct. Public Justice is representing all of the groups in the coalition.

    Under the law, organizations and journalists who conduct undercover investigations, and individuals who expose improper or criminal conduct by North Carolina employers, are susceptible to suit and substantial damages if they make such evidence available to the public or the press.

Public Justice Warns Oklahoma Fracking Operators over Seismic Activity

Photo via Public Herald on Flickr. Notice to sue sent to companies with extraction methods linked to frequent earthquakes. Public Justice and Sierra Club today warned four companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing in Oklahoma that they must modify their practices or face a citizen lawsuit, citing…

Public Justice’s Jim Hecker Testifies in Support of Proposed Stream Pollution Rule

Public Justice Environmental Enforcement Project Director Jim Hecker told a Senate committee yesterday that current federal rules governing stream pollution due to mountaintop removal mining are outdated and must be replaced by rules that “incorporate the best available science” and would successfully prevent “serious, persistent…

CFPB Proposes Barring Arbitration Clauses that Stop Class Actions

photo credit: plastic please via photopin (license) Potential change would open courthouse doors to tens of millions stripped of right to sue By Aidan O’SheaCommunications Specialist On Wednesday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed rules designed to prevent consumer financial companies from barring consumers’ ability to file, or join, a…