Public Justice

Public Justice Statement on Yesterday’s Mob Attack on Democracy

By Paul Bland Executive Director As legal advocates, we believe the rule of law matters. Democracy matters. And justice for all – including, and especially, racial justice – matters. There must be accountability for inciting, and participating in, mob violence in order to try and…

New Steps of Change

America has come through four years of corruption and cronyism, a devastating campaign of deregulation that has harmed our environment, endangered workers and undermined our consumer protection laws, bungled crises and an all-out assault on civil rights. All of us at Public Justice are committed to helping President-Elect Biden, Vice President-Elect Harris and Congressional leaders chart a new course forward and get our nation back on track.

Every Voice Matters. Every Vote Must Count.

Across Public Justice’s work, one fundamental principle guides us: Every voice matters, every community deserves to be heard and no one should be stripped of their political or legal rights.

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